Rice straw cutter and how it works


What is a straw cutter?

A straw cutter or a rice straw cutting machine is used to cut straw. Straw is the remains that you obtain after harvesting grain plants. It involves a variety of things which include corn, rice, and wheat. Straw is usually cut using the straw cutter in preparation for producing straw pellets.

Straw pellets are primarily made from various products and may be used for multiple applications. Among these applications include laying as animal bedding and producing animal feeds.

When you use straw as animal bedding, you should consider removing the straw at least every three days. Animal waste usually has moisture and may cause the straw pellets to give a bad smell if not removed and changed frequently. Moreover, the dump and dirty straws may cause the animal to contract diseases if not changed.

What is a wood crusher?

A wood crusher is a machine purposely used for crushing wood used in a wood pellet machine. It is different from a straw crusher or cutter and the wood hammer mills. In comparison, the wood hammer mill crushes wood using hammer blades. The wood crusher uses a cutter and rotors to grind the wood into desirable sizes.

Difference between a wood crusher and straw cutter

The difference between a wood crusher and a straw cutter lies in their uses and structure. The wood crusher has a cutter and rotor, while the straw cutter is a hollow container with a blade that cuts straw into smaller pieces. Besides, the wood crusher works by rotation while the straw cutter is a still container and does not rotate. Instead, the blades rotate. Moreover, the wood crusher crushes wood while a straw cutter cuts straw.

How to make straw pellets with the help of a rice straw cutting machine?

Straw pellets have varied uses. Besides, they are obtained from various sources, rice being one of the sources of straw. Rice straw may be put to meaningful use through rice straw pellets. As a result, they may be used to perform different functions.

Before making rice straw pellets in a pelleting machine, a rice straw cutting machine would be necessary. The rice straw cutting machine would help cut the straws before taking them to the pelletizer. Cutting the rice is essential to allow easy shredding.

After cutting, the rice straw is ground to form smaller portions of straw ready for pelleting. Be sure to check the moisture content before beginning the pelleting process. If the moisture content is below 15%, you should consider adding water or another binding agent to improve its adhesive properties. The material would be ready to pelletize in the pelleting machine with the moisture content increased.

The produced pellets are screened, cooled, and stored in packaging bags to complete the whole rice pelleting process. When you finish the rice pelleting process, remember to conduct the required care and maintenance practice as needed. This way, both the rice straw cutting machine and pelletizer will remain in excellent condition for a long time.


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