Top Applications of Thermal Heat Pipes


If you want to move thermal energy or heat from one point to the other in an efficient way, then heat pipes should be something you might need. They are the systems that usually have two phases and are used to cool materials and areas.

Nowadays, heat pipes are the first choice to use for different cooling applications such as from medical to space devices. Even though, you can use them in power electronics cooling aircraft, and much more.

Usually, heat pipes are popular for transferring heat for more than 70 years.

Heat pipes have been known to be effective heat transfer devices for well over 70 years. A quality thermal heat pipe is considered for multiple applications in the industry. You can learn different applications in this article which include its usage in the automotive industry, agriculture, transportation, medicine, and aerospace.

If you look at the examples of its application, you will find it in solar thermal, ovens and furnaces, medical devices, heat exchangers, and electronic components applications.

  • Heat Pipes in Electronic Components

Cooling of electronic components including transistors, circuit boards, and CPUs requires the highest usage of heat pipe technology. For instance, for any computer, the CPU is considered the most important part, and it’s becoming faster and more efficient with each passing day.

This is the reason, it requires something that cools down CPUs temperature because the more efficient it is, the more its temperature will rise and something needs to cool it down quickly. This is where the application of heat pipes also comes. There was also a convenient method to cool down the CPUs is to use an aluminum heat sink but it has obsolete as the new technology has taken things far away.

  • Heat Pipes in Solar Distillation & Cooking

The research took place to discover some sources of energy other than the typical ones. This happened some time ago when ethanol was described as of the most important renewable fuels. It can be utilized partially where products made from petroleum are used. The ethanol is crafted from various agricultural products including cereal grains, molasses, sugarcane, corn, and cassava.

Energy is required every time whenever you are preparing any food. In developing countries, agriculture and fuel residues are known to be the main sources of energy that help in cooking. According to the survey, around 50% to 60% of energy is consumed in developing countries alone.

The rate at which wood fuels are consumed has still exceeded their replacements. Unfortunately, this has resulted in global warming, soil erosion, pollution, and deforestation. So countless people across the globe are suffering. In fact, electric cooking is way easier and quick but its production has disastrous consequences that are resulting due to the production of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide in huge quantities.

  • Heat Pipes in Medical Industry

We have talked about multiple applications of heat pipe technology already but there is one more application that can be seen in the heat pipe cooler for medicine. The cooler is made of a special heat pipe having copper-methanol as a special building material. It is also constituted of a powder wick which is copper sintered and of course, Peltier elements that are four in total. It is cooled by the water heat exchanger. They are used in some very basic gynecological as well as rectal conditions.
The heat pipe is thermally in contact with the Peltier elements via its cold surfaces. On the other hand, in the heat exchanger, the temperature of the heat pipe’s evaporator is dropped with the help of water present inside.


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