What Customization Options Do You Get When Buying a Lift Table?


A lift table is one of the most adaptable, versatile, and resourceful machinery. You can take work from these machines in whatever field you like and get one hundred percent positive results. You can turn these machines into a height-changing workstation or a delivery machine for immensely heavy goods from one level to another; they can adapt pretty well.

The fun part about the static scissor lift table is that you can get it customized in whatever way you want. Plenty of different elements can be added to these machines, which will make your work easier and smarter. Following are some customization tools listed. Take a look!

Customization Options You Get When Buying a Lift Table


A foot switch can be a very useful upgrade for the users whose job requires both their hands to be free and vigilant. A foot switch is connected to the motor, and by a press of a foot, you can expand or retract the table top ached to the hydraulic pumps. You can use your hand for other important purposes like load positioning.

Mesh Enclosure

The mesh enclosure is made up of chain mesh. It is installed around the table and falls down to the floor so that the base containing the working parts of the scissor lift table is enclosed with it. This chain mesh enclosure minimized the hazards of causing severe injury or entrapment of the operator. In addition, the mesh curtain can also be a means to save the machine from any kind of mechanical harm.

Rectangle Turntable

In this kind of customization, a rectangular board is attached to the lift table platform with the help of bolts. It comprises an inductive sensor that helps dodge the danger of trapping. The unit has an installed electro-interlocking and safety spacing to further minimize this trapping threat.

Roller Conveys

A roller conveyor is like the belt used in many industrial factories to carry and transport the product from one place to another. This is exactly the same, but its function is to reach different levels. Roller coveys can make the work more efficient and faster and can carry product that differs in size and weight.

Round Turntable

A round-turn table is an amazing accessory to add to a lift table. This is because it allows the user to handle the items more efficiently. Because the turntable does all the movement, the operator can stand still in his place and will not get tired. Although the turntable can do a full 360 degrees rotation if you don’t want the table to move, you have other options too. Four holes in the table are located at different positions, and you can easily lock them in any of the four desired positions. The round table is attached to the lift table either by the method of recession or integration.

Safety Bellow

Safety bellows are also commonly known as the protective bellow in the local language. As the name points out, it is like a protective covering the machinery’s lower base part. These bellows require frames for their steadiness and stability. Protective bellows safeguard the working parts of the machine from dust, debris particles, and other usual pollutants. Other than this, the protective cover can also provide a weatherproof shelter that can shelter it from rainwater, sun, and other outdoor elements.

Final word

It is not necessary that you have to get your scissor table lift customized. If your work is simple and indoor, then you do not need these accessories to upgrade your machine. However, if you are working on a project or in an industrial field that requires movement, lifting, toeing, etc, then you should Definity consider getting the upgrades mentioned above.


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