Anodization and services provided by companies?


The best anodizing aluminum services are provided by DDPROTOTYPE. It is one of the reputed and trustworthy Service Companies in China. It has state-of-the-art technology of CNC machining for anodizing aluminum. Anodize means coating a material with a layer that protects it from oxidizing by the electrolytic process. Many metals can anodize. The most common are aluminum and titanium. There are other materials too which can be anodized such as magnesium but it has limited use. Some materials can be anodized at any cost. Carbon steel is one of the. Anodizing aluminum has two benefits. one is that it is protected from corrosion and the second is that it can be given different colors. So, if a prototype needs any colorful designs then anodized aluminum should be the first choice. Anodization is done with the help of electrolysis. First, the aluminum is dipped completely in the acid and the current passes through it. As the current passes, the ions of oxygen are extracted from the acid and form a layer of the aluminum surface. As this process can also be used to give colors. So, DDPROTOTYPE uses the best efficient dyes to give proper coloring to the aluminum. DPROTOTYPE also has the facility to transport the anodized material to any part of the world. The time of delivering the parcel to the customer’s place depends upon the geography of the customer. But the delivery system is very efficient and strictly monitored.

Types of Anodization:

There are main three types of anodizing. First is Chromic Acid anodizing. In this technique, the layer of chromium is coated over aluminum. Three layers are coated over aluminum. The thickness of each layer is up to 100 micro inches. The first layer of anodizing creates a gray color. In the second and third coating, less dye is absorbed and hence this color cannot be much used for decorative purposes. However, it is easy to dye this material black, and thus can be used for decorative purposes as well. A black dye can also be absorbed but it requires a very high temperature. This anodizing is non-conductive. The second technique is Sulfuric Acid anodizing. It is the most common and widely used technique of anodizing. The thickness of this coating is up to 0.001 inches. It is used for manufacturing a prototype that requires hardness and stiffness. It is a low-cost technique. Diverse colors can be given to it as the dye is absorbed more efficiently in this technique. The third technique is hard anodizing. This is also known as a hard coating. It is sulfuric acid based anodizing. This technique is usually applied to prototypes where very high wear and corrosive resistance are required. In the manufacturing of the prototypes of aerospace, the hard coating technique is used. This technique can repair the worn surfaces of aluminum metal. Hard Anodization produces a non-conductive material. For any type of Anodization, DPROTOTYPE can be reached out to as it has the best professionals to perform this job.


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