Enhance your lighting system by using vapor tight LED light fixtures


Vapor-tight LED lights were designed for harsh conditions. These lights can withstand dirt, dust, or humidity. These can be used on walls and ceilings. The meaning of vapor tight is that these Led lights are safe from anything that contaminates or affects their working. Vapor-tight Led light fixtures are environmentally friendly and are perfectly made for rugged conditions. These can also stand severe temperatures. These can be easily used in industries where there is a lot of smoke or moisture. These fixtures can be easily installed anywhere with the help of electricians.

Reasons why you should get vapor tight LED light fixtures

The following benefits are the reason why one should opt for Vapor tight LED light fixtures;

Vapor Led lights are pocket friendly

Vapor-tight LED lights are very economical for their users. These lights are much better than fluorescent lights and can require minimal maintenance costs. These lights also provide you the benefit of staying calm even after working for hours. They have the advantage that even switching it on and off, again and again, does not get it heated up; instead, it does not even affect its smooth working. These are very reliable even in frigid weather.

Vapor-tight LED lights provide you with enduring performance

Vapor-tight LED lights have greater efficiency than fluorescent lights, which makes them important for lights. These come with a warranty of 5 years, although they last much longer than that, even without any maintenance. Even rain does not affect its top-notch functioning. These lights provide excellent distribution of light from it. It does not dull or dim even when it has been working for hours. Its best applications are food companies, car companies, or canopies. These LED tight vapor light fixtures can be installed in a door or outdoors.

Characteristics of vapor tight LED tube fixture

As you know that vapor tight LED tube fixtures are best for rugged conditions, these can also be installed in walk-in freezers. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -140 to 137F. Its input voltage is 120-270V, and its wattage is 40. Vapor-tight LED lights replace 4ft fluorescent lights. These are four to six feet long. Vapor-tight LED lights can illuminate large areas and are very durable. If you are building your own garage and you need a lighting system for it, these lights are the best choice as they come with numerous benefits. In a dusty or polluting environment, if these lights get dirt on them too, you can spray them with any cleaner, and they will become as clean as new. Vapor-tight LED lights do not require any maintenance, and they will work efficiently and effectively for years. It has the capability to save a lot of energy which can help you cut up on the cost of your electricity bills. Vapor-tight LED lights, if compared to fluorescent lights, drain five times less energy than fluorescent lights. And it lasts 20 times longer than fluorescent lights.


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